Rating System

My rating of a books depends on the following ;

  • Writing style
  • Plot
  • Plot Development
  • Characters
  • Character Development
  • World
  • World Building
  • Shock Factor
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Pacing of the story
  • The Ending

My Star Ratings means ;

Did Not Finish (DNF) – I usually never do this and if I do, it means that I absolutely did not like the book, so much so that I put it down. This could be for various reasons like I was uncomfortable with plot or the characters, I did not like the direction the story took or maybe there are certain things in the story I was not okay with so I put it down.

1 Star – This could imply that the writing was bad or the characters were unrealistic or a lot of things. This rating equals that this book just wasn’t my type of story and was a task to read but was okay enough, at least I finished it

2 Stars – This implies that the book had potential but fell flat for me, maybe the plot or the characters were not developed or there was something problematic in the book that I just couldn’t get over.

3 Stars – The Book was average, not bad not good. This equals to me not thinking about the book once I am done with it, it was easy for me to leave the world and the characters behind but was enjoyable enough to recommend it someone else.

3.5 Stars – There was something in the book that I absolutely loved but the rest of the story was average.

4 Stars – Loved it a love but there were some flaws in it that I couldn’t ignore like maybe the pacing or the world building or maybe some characters. It didn’t leave me awestruck

4.5 Stars – Loved it but there was something missing that stopped me from loving it completely

5 Stars – LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Everything about this books was amazing, and it left me wanting more, I was shocked and hungover on it and it was difficult for me get over the characters and the world. You can bet I was clutching this book to my chest and hugging it for a while after I finished it.