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Thank you so much to Dave @The_WriteReads, @WriteReadsTour, the author B.B. Alston and Egmont Books UK for providing me with a copy of the book for review, the thoughts and reviews are mine and mine alone.

Name: Amari and The Night Brothers

Author: B.B. Alston

Series: Supernatural Investigations #1

Age Group: Middle Grade

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Fantasy

Pages: 416

Format: Kindle Edition

Published On: 19th January

Published By: Egmont Books UK

Sequel: It is gonna have one but nothing has been announced yet

CAWPILE RATING – 8.00/10.00

  • Characters – 8
  • Atmosphere – 8
  • Writing – 8
  • Plot – 8
  • Intrigue – 8
  • Logic – 7
  • Enjoyment – 9

Synopsis (From Goodreads):

Quinton Peters was the golden boy of the Rosewood low-income housing projects, receiving full scholarship offers to two different Ivy League schools. When he mysteriously goes missing, his little sister, 13-year-old Amari Peters, can’t understand why it’s not a bigger deal. Why isn’t his story all over the news? And why do the police automatically assume he was into something illegal?

Then Amari discovers a ticking briefcase in her brother’s old closet. A briefcase meant for her eyes only. There was far more to Quinton, it seems, than she ever knew. He’s left her a nomination for a summer tryout at the secretive Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Amari is certain the answer to finding out what happened to him lies somewhere inside, if only she can get her head around the idea of mermaids, dwarves, yetis and magicians all being real things, something she has to instantly confront when she is given a weredragon as a roommate.

Amari must compete against some of the nation’s wealthiest kids—who’ve known about the supernatural world their whole lives and are able to easily answer questions like which two Great Beasts reside in the Atlantic Ocean and how old is Merlin? Just getting around the Bureau is a lesson alone for Amari with signs like ‘Department of Hidden Places this way, or is it?’ If that all wasn’t enough, every Bureau trainee has a talent enhanced to supernatural levels to help them do their jobs – but Amari is given an illegal ability. As if she needed something else to make her stand out.

With an evil magican threatening the whole supernatural world, and her own classmates thinking she is an enemy, Amari has never felt more alone. But if she doesn’t pass the three tryouts, she may never find out what happened to Quinton.


This was such a great book and I am so happy that I hopped onto the blog tour for this book.

Starting with the writing style, the author was able to craft such a cool and whimsical supernatural world along side our own and it was fun being in it, with that the writing was the perfect amount of descriptive and immersive and I was lost in the story from the moment I began reading it.

The plot of the story was fantastic, it was a whimsical story with a great underlying message.

Tbh, I do not know where to begin describing it because I loved this book a lot and all I wanna say in this review is awesome and amazing over and over again (time to open the thesaurus tab).

This was a pretty paced book that balanced character growth along with a great plot really well, I was hooked in from page one and once we entered into the secret world of the supernatural I was totally immersed in the whimsy and fun this books had to offer.

It has so many supernatural creatures including a wereDRAGON-that’s right a WEREDRAGON-and I loved getting to know them, it was even more fun to explore the various different departments in the Supernatural Bureau and I think my favorite was the Department of Good Fortunes and Bad Omens because it was the most “magical” department of them all and damn I want my future and past read that way….so cool.

The tryout element was fantastic and even though I knew on a certain level what would happen, the journey there was so damn awesome and I loved the anticipation and excitement feeling that this book created leading up to and during each of the tryouts.

I also really enjoyed reading the history about the magicians and finding out who and what the Night Brothers were, this added with the quest to find Amari’s brother added a lot of extra layers to the story.

The book also relayed a beautiful message of friendship, believing in oneself and taught to accept ourselves as we our because we are amazing and I think it is a wonderful message to impart to the kids who will be reading it soon.

The ending though….WOW….I need the next book, NOW, please.

Amari Peters was such a great character, I loved her willpower and her fierceness plus she was such a lively character to follow around who had a heart of gold and also really intelligent and observant, I adored following her around and seeing her grow throughout the book

Elise, the weredragon, she was such a loyal and great friend, she was always by Amari’s side supporting her o matter what and I loved the friendship these two outcast girls developed over the course of the book and I loved the wonderful inventions that she created, they were all awesome.

Dylan Van Helsing, I really liked his character as well he was kinda mature for his age and kind of an enigma in the start but I really did like him quite a lot.

Overall, this was a great book with a fast paced plot, great characters and an amazing message, it hooked me in from the first page and kept me turning pages till the very ending and I cannot wait to read the enxt book in this middle grade series.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Middle Grades with the above mentioned characteristics and is looking for a fast read.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Have you read any good Middle Grades in 2020? Let me know in the comments.

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