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The One Where the universe needs to make this happen: Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag – BEWinter20

Thank you to the lovely and wonderful Sumedha @TheWordyHabitat for tagging me to do this lovely tag, I had a really great time coming up with all the answers.

2020 has sucked really badly and even though I don’t really go on many vacations (I would love to though when I live on my own) I badly need a get away, away from the city I live in and the monotony of everyday and the best way to do that is taking a small retreat somewhere and this tag is letting me come up with my dream retreat.

In a gify, The Fantasy Winter Retreat tag – sends you go on a week-long retreat to chill and have fun after the stressful 2020 experience. Set the scene of your dream winter retreat and, using the prompts, round up the characters you’d like to vacation with.

What my retreat would look like

My ideal retreat spot is much like Sumedha’s, in a cabin in the woods but not the creepy kind, I love nature and even though bugs scare the living hell out of me, I would to love to spend a week away in a cozy cabin in a forest surrounded by trees and small animals, that would be awesome.

In the the cabin itself, I am hoping the vibe and decor will be rustic/vintage, a lovely fire place with come comfy rocking chairs in front of them, where I can just relax and read.

Now to be honest, given that I have spend the entire 2020 without some alone time, I would love to go on this retreat alone and just spend a nice, cold and cozy week alone in the cabin and catch up on reading and blogging but if I were to go with 8 fictional characters these are the ones I would choose

A fun character who’s presence would cheer up any situation

For this I am gonna go with Mouse from The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Mouse the most adorable and intelligent dog ever and I love him, he is favorite fictional furry baby. His positive energy and doggy grin is definitely going to put smiles on everyone’s face including mine, plus he is an extremely alert and strong dog so if trouble approaches he can give us a early warning

A character who would parent everyone

Hmmmmmm….I think maybe Chaol from the Throne of Glass series would be the one making sure everyone is safe, well-fed and wearing a sweater and the one who is gonna scold everyone if they put their toe out of line. He does know how to let lose and have fun but he is more of a rule follower, so I think he would make the best candidate here.

A character who would plan games and other activities

I think Alex from Red, White and Royal Blue will be the part of the group who would have a itinerary for everyday and have some awesome activities planned and tbh I would love to roast some marshmallows, have some smores, stargaze, I have always wanted to have a campaigning experience, hopefully for real someday.

Plus hanging out with Alex is gonna be sure awesome, I think I would explode from adorableness when Alex talks about his time with Henry, this needs to happen 😭😭😭

A character who would rather cozy up in blankets & sleep/laze around all day

Tbh, that would be me (the contrast in my answers is so ridiculous, I am an ambivert and it kinda shows 😅😅) as much as I would love to and will do all the fun activities that Alex has planned, I would also love to just stay in the cabin, curled up with the fire going, a hot cup of coco and a good book in my hand and I think Elend from The Mistborn Era 1 would be joining me, he is fellow book nerd who is not big on socializing and he and I would just have a grand old time reading indoors

A character who had to cancel other plans to be here

Probably Aelin, she definitely would have had to put some epic, destroying a kingdom, battling to the death plans on hold to spend time with all of us here and she is probably going to be the one using her powers to make sure the fire place is lit and making the outdoor fire right enough for roasting the marshmallows plus she is just gonna be amazing to have around.

A character who brought their work along with them

Harry Dresden, without a doubt, the poor guy can’t catch a break and wherever he goes, his enemies or some other kind of evil monster follows, I mean when you spent 17 years making enemies (also saving the world, but still) life gets hard but with that I will also get to see Dresden in action, fighting with his magic being the most powerful character in the retreat and engaging in an epic battle of wit with Aelin since they are both so damn sassy…okay this has to happen

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is this retreat to happen for real.

A character who would not leave their partner’s side

I think Rhys would do that, he and Feyre would be that couple who are all over each other who everyone else either ignores or makes gagging noises at but they would be sure fun to hang out with since, it Rhys and he is bae 😍

Plus they are such a great couple together and when we are all telling stories around the fire, eating smores, their stories about their time together is gonna put some happiness in everyone’s hearts.

A character who is amused by everyone’s antics

Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, High Queen of the Winter Fae from The Dresden Files is kinda not aware of mortal things and other than being pretty used to Dresden’s antics, she is gonna be amused at how different Aelin, Rhys and Feyre are as Fae and just in general at how weird mortals are and I think, at least for a couple of hours she would try to be civil and not plot everyone’s death, so maybe let’s not invite her……..

Another character I think would be amused by everyone is probably gonna be Vin from The Mistborn Era 1 series, their world is just so damn grey and gloomy and seeing the life and differences in life here is gonna be amusing to her and the tech and the general availability and now much metal humans wear since they are essentially death trap so she would definitely shocked at how humans are

I tag:

Katie @meltingpages

Sofii @ABookAThought

Sonya @WolfRoseReads

Stephen @StephenWrites

Erin @RinReads

Who would be some characters would take to a winter retreat with you? And where would you like to go for your retreat?

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