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The One Where I wish some of these creatures were real: The Halloween Creatures Book Tag

On the Twenty-Second Day of Blogtober the wild hunt gave to me, a list of creatures I really adore (kinda).

I really adore Halloween even though we don’t celebrate it here in India but I have been an avid Disney watcher since I was a child and I loved Halloween themed episodes and eventually I got into paranormal stuff mostly because of Supernatural and my love for the creatures that do bump in the night increased, I discovered this tag at the end of November, last year and I have been dying to get to it because it is awesome.


Before I even begin, in almost all these tags so I will mention a book from The Dresden Files along with my pick for the series

Witch: A magical character or book

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, this is the 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series, this book is where the magic actually takes center stage and it was great seeing the how the magic system works and seeing how the characters learn and master their magic

The entire of the Dresden Files series follows a Wizard and all of them would fit this prompt.

Werewolf: The perfect book to read at night

Hmmm…I think I would go for And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, I read that book in one sitting at night, it was damn addictive.

From TDF, Dead Beat would fit perfectly since it is set on Halloween night and had Necromancers and Zombies.

Frankenstein: A book that truly shocked you

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson, I did not accept the turns that it took and that ending broke me.

Changes, Book 12 in TDF, like you know if you read the book but a thing that surprised me was the way the things that happened in the ending.

The Devil: A dark or evil character

Nicodemus Archleon from TDF, he is a fallen angel and is the creepiest and evilest character I have come across

Grim Reaper: A character that never should have died

There is character in One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and you know what the worst thing is that he was not planning to kill said character but he changed his mind in the end and he was so so close to avoid death and he died…😭😭😭

Battle fucking Ground, fuck Jim Butcher and fuck this book, this book broke me. If you know, you know. I understand why the character died (even though I did not want them to die) but the way they were killed off pissed me 😑

Zombie: A book that made you hungry for more

The Mistborn series by Brandson Sanderson, not in a bad way though. I love the world and the magic system and I want many books set in this world.

Peace Talks, book 16 in TDF, this book was actually gonna be much longer and Battle Ground was gonna be a part of this book but since they were split up so Peace Talks, though amazing did feel incomplete.

Gargoyle: A character that you would protect at all cost

Dorian Hallivard from the Throne of Glass series by SJM, he is such a great person and he tries to do the right thing and is such a good person but his life has been tough and he deserves a hug and protected at all cost.

Waldo Butters from TDF, he is such an amazing person and I love this nerd with all my heart and will be protect him no matter what.

Vampire: A book that sucked the life out of you

Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff, it was such a great book but everything leading up to the book and the ending has me shooketh and kinda dead

Battle Grounds…screw you Jim Butcher

Ghost: A book that still haunts you

Small Favor by Jim Butcher, Book 10 in The Dresden Files, this is one of those books that ever so often pops into my head and I cannot stop thinking about it and I have reread the part that made me cry a couple of times and every time I am broken.

Demon: A book that really scared you

I haven’t read any scary books per say so I have nothing for this but books that I am scared about because I think my favorite character are gonna die…there are a lot of answers for that

After Changes, almost all of the books in TDF has made me feel that way and every book in the Mistborn Ear 1 series by Brandon Sanderson, Empire of Storms at the edge of my seat because I was super someone was gonna die.

Skeleton: A character you have a bone to pick with

Hmmm there are lot of characters I have come cross who I wouldn’t mind stabbing but the character I hate the most and have a lot of bones to pick with is Tayrn from The Folk of The Air series by Holly Black, honestly I wanted to stab her to death.

Then there is Rudolf the brown nose cop-cop, he is piece of shit and he is a character I will hunt down and kill if I am ever in the Dresden World

Mummy: A book you would preserve throughout time

The Book Thief, it is just amazing and this book has a hold over my heart that I cannot deny and it is book that I will hold close to my heart.

Hmmmm…I would preserve the 6th book of TDF, Blood Rites for the rest of time, I have my reasons.

Creepy Doll: A cover too scary to look at

A Monster Calls, it has a kinda spooky cover and also Gyo by Junji Ito…this manga is the most creepy and just nope…I have blocked it out of my mind

The Monster Mash – It’s fun to be with friends on Halloween! Tag your friends!

Eve @Novellearts

Sofii @ABookAThought

Sonya @WolfRoseReads

Nicole @HalfWildBooks

Paige @ReadingPaiges

What are your favorite Halloween creatures?

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