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The One Where I am so excited to start doing this every month: Book Blogging Posts I have loved in August 2020

I remember when I first saw a post like this I was in awe at how wonderful and just amazing the bookternet community is and since then I have been wanting to do these posts myself and I have finally gotten around to doing them.

This is such a great way to not only spread love and happiness but also to support fellow book bloggers and I love that so many bookish people do this every month and I am happy to be joining the ranks.

Bookstagammers get a shout-out my own Instagram account and it is impossible for me include all the wonderful bookstagram photos posted every month in just one post. Be sure to check out my Shout-Out Highlight on my Profile Page.

Also I may give some shoutouts to some BookTube videos that I have adored over the past month.

Before I begin let me give a huge Shout-out to Sofii @ABookAThought who helped me figure out how to compile blog posts in one and how to make this post.

So without wasting anytime, let me talk to you guys about the Bookternet Posts that I have Loved in August.

One more thing before I begin, there are some AWESOME bloggers who do these shout-outs on a regular basis and I am gonna link their shout-out posts below

Stephen Writes – July Wrap Up

Drizzle and Hurricans – July Wrap Up

A Book A Thought – Blogger Appreciation


Word Woonders10 things that make me fall in love with books + recommendations – I had a fun time reading it, it prompted me to think about things that make me fall in love with books

A Book A ThoughtDISCUSSION POST | 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW WHEN I STARTED BLOGGING – This is a very informational post and along with the it gives some amazing tips that will help newbie and oldie bloggers alike, I definitely got some good tips from it.

The Wordy Habit10 things I learnt from 5 years of Blogging – I must say 5 years is fucking awesome! Congratulations on your 5 year blog anniversary and reading this blog post was very insightful.

BellerosereadsDISCUSSION: Latinxs in literature – what white authors got wrong – This was quite eye opening and this is something I will keeping in mind whenever I read any Lantinx books

BellerosereadsDISCUSSION: The Negative Reviews Dilemma and Reviewer’s Reliability – This is damn important and good post I think every reviewer should read.

Shut Up Shealea7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Book Blogging – This was another post that gave a lot of insight and some great Takeaways

BooksNest How to manage creating content for multiple platforms at once | Blog – Beth always gives the best advice when it comes to almost everything related to content creation and this post is no different

BooksNest A guide to Instagram Reels and why you should use it to grow engagement & audience | Blog – Reels is damn new and Beth breaks it down and gives good insight on the same

Drizzle and Hurricane BooksWHY I DON’T BELIEVE IN FAKE ENGAGEMENT IN BLOGGING (+ TIPS AND TRICKS TO ENGAGE AND BUILD GENUINE CONNECTIONS!) – This was such an insightful post which linked to some other awesome posts, I got a lot out of reading it.

Stephen WritesDiscussion – The Pros and Cons of Thrillers – Thrillers are not a genre that I read frequently but this post made me wanna pick them up again and at the same time it really opened my eyes to why I lost interest in Thrillers to begin with. Stephen has up in a lot of thought and has done a lot of research before writing this post.

Cosmic Book LoveHow Broad Is #OwnVoice? | bookrapt blog – Discussion can one really call themselves as OV and what it takes to be an OV, this was damn insightful

The Confession of a Music and Book Addict Discussing The #OwnVoices Label|What Does It Mean And Why We Need It In Books – Another great insightful post discussing OV and how and why it is important to have OV reps in books.


A Book A ThoughtCOLORFUL BOOKISH SUNDAYS | PRIORITIZING BOOKS FROM MY TBR – This is something new Sofii has started and I love it so much, it a colorful series of post an I just love it.

FannatalityMINI REVIEWS OF FOUR BOOKS BY ASIAN AUTHORS: A LITERARY FICTION, AN ADULT ROMANCE, AND TWO QUEER FANTASY NOVELLA – Fanna is my go to blogger when I am looking for new South Asian books and this posts has some awesome reviews for some great sounding books.


I mean it has shameless in the name so should I explain…Nah

Here are 2 blog posts that I wrote in August that I am super proud of.

Discussion PostHow Biases affect Book Ratings

Online LecturesTips to help you with Online lectures


There are some other amazing pots that went up towards the end of the month but I fell badly ill and wasn’t motivated to go through any blogs as my stomach hurt bad, so all the wonderful posts that I loved at the end of August will be included in my September post.

Also if anyone is wondering, I caught a bad stomach bug and it is slowly healing.

Leave a link to one of your August post down below, I will definitely check it out.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my blog post on your list 💕and I definitely agree, shoutouts are such a normal thing on bookstagram, we should have blogger appreciation more often on our book blogs too!

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