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The One Where this was something else : A Circle of Firelight by Curtis Edmunds – Spoiler-Free Review #ARC-Review

Name : A Circle of Firelight

Author : Curtis Edmonds

Genre : Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, Dreamscape

Pages :

Format : Kindle edition

Published On : 20th February, 2020

Published By : Scary Hippopotamus Books

Rating :


Synopsis (From Goodreads):

On the battlefield of dreams, the strongest weapons are imagination–and love.
Ashlyn Revere is a bright, determined and resourceful college graduate trying to get a job in publishing. When Ashlyn and her sister Penny are left comatose after an automobile accident, they find themselves in Summervale, a beautiful and perilous realm straight from the pages of fantasy novels–which is ruled by a mysterious Dark Lord.
When Ashlyn discovers that Penny is being held captive, she enlists the help of a talking black rabbit and a scarlet knight to save her sister. She learns that Penny is deep within her own fantasy of Regency romance—and that she sees being in a coma as a way to escape from her daily struggles with cystic fibrosis. Ashlyn tries to rescue her anyway, but a fire-breathing dragon and a real-world seizure complicate her plans.
As Penny recovers from her injuries and leaves Summervale, Ashlyn is rescued by a servant of the Dark Lord who promises to show her just how precarious her own medical situation is. In the real world, Ashlyn’s medical condition has worsened, forcing her doctors to consider risky surgery. Ashlyn rejects an offer from the Dark Lord to remain in Summervale forever, and chooses to raise an army of knights to fight for her freedom and independence.
Penny must face a choice of her own. As Ashlyn hovers between life and death, Penny learns that Ashlyn would be a good match to provide the donor set of lungs that Penny needs to free her from the constraints of cystic fibrosis.
As doctors battle to save Ashlyn’s life, she leads her forces against the Dark Lord in a desperate conflict in the streets of an imaginary Manhattan—while Penny must find the answer to her own destiny in a dying circle of firelight. Can the sisters rescue themselves—and each other?
A CIRCLE OF FIRELIGHT blends postmodern fantasy and real-world emotional conflict in a daring tale that will delight adult and young adult readers alike.


Thank you so much to Netgalley and Curtis Edmonds for providing me with an ARC of this book

Before I begin, let me say that just because I have given this book a 3 stars that doesn’t mean that I hated it, I liked it but it did not stick with me and it is not a book I will be coming back to, but overall I did enjoy my time reading it.

This was a good book.

Curtis Edmonds writing style is a good one, it is descriptive and it continuous and I liked reading what he wrote, I do have my issues though, and maybe it was because of the way it got formatted on my Kindle but there were a few formatting issues, which was really annoying.

The plot was weird but in a good way.

After the accident Ashlyn is in a coma and she knows what is wrong with her and she is in this weird fantasy dreamscape and the rules are hazy-of course it’s a dreamscape-but still it is kinda weird and I have questions. A lot of things were unbelievable.

This is not a spoiler, but her parents were damn calm about the idea of their daughter dying and I know everyone deals with grief differently but still their attitude to the idea was very calm and it was really unbelievable and another thing that hindered my reading was that somethings were happening too fast and there was not much substance in the plot.

Now to talk about what I liked, I loved the talk about psychology and over here the author spoke about how negative emotions and anger are not necessarily bad and that you can use them to your advantage and this book also showed you how to see the good in the bad and the importance of fighting on for something that you believed in, that was a great message to share.


Ashlyn – she is a strong girl who is a big nerd and I love that and she is a Dresden Fan and that was definitely a highlight. I admired how much she fought for what she believed in and she made people believe in her and she is damn strong mage.

Penny – She was a brat, in the beginning and I hated her but she grew over the series and by the end I liked her enough to not fume when she was in a scene.

There were some other characters too but I will not be talking about them as it might be a spoiler so yeah…sorry about that.

Overall, this book was good and I had enjoyed my time reading it, I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read about dreamscapes and is looking for a cross between a fantasy and contemporary book.

What book did you read that was kinda weird in a good way?

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4 thoughts on “The One Where this was something else : A Circle of Firelight by Curtis Edmunds – Spoiler-Free Review #ARC-Review

  1. Thanks so much for the review.

    So I think it’s a fair question to ask why Ashlyn’s parents aren’t acting more frantic. The answer, basically, is that “well, they are, but you don’t see it.” Keep in mind that this is not the first time they’ve had to confront the reality that a daughter of theirs might die – they’ve been living with this fear for Penny for years. So they tend to be a little stoic around doctors.

    More to the point, I didn’t feel that spending a lot of time with the parents advanced the story all that much. Obviously they’re worried and frantic and crying and all that, it just happens offstage (and never in front of a doctor, and that’s the only perspective the reader gets for most of the story).

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