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The One Where I am trying to make this work : 2020 Reading Journal Set-Up + January Set-Up

First, I would like to apologize for not uploading for the past 4 days, I had the worst headache and even though it is not gone it is better.

Here is my 2020 Reading Journal Spread, I like how it turned out, it is minimalistic and pretty, it does need a little color but it is great.

I will be explaining all the pics in order, so here I go.

2020 SET-UP

  1. I bought this beautiful journal from a stationary shop near my college, the only thing I don’t like about it is that the pages are super thin and that creates a lot of ghosting, which sucks.
  2. Using an alphabet stencil I wrote out MEHEK’s READING JOURNAL 2020
  3. The next is 20 books to read in 2020 (Click HERE to read the post)
  4. The next page has the list of series I wanna read in 2020, the circles in the corner depicts the amount of books in the series and once I will finish one of the books in a particular series, I will color the circle in (Click HERE to read the post)
  5. The Spread next to the series spread is my Reading Goals spread,I haven’t filled it out completely but I have them figured out and I need to write them in (Click HERE to read the post)
  6. The next 3 spreads are reading challenges I am taking part in, namely the GoodReads Reading Challenge, Reading my friend’s favorite books (there are some more friends I need to add in there), The A-Z Reading Challenge and The Popsugar reading challenge I am not gonna do all the challenges but the ones I am interest in)
  7. The next page is my big books tracker page, I am not intimidates by big books and I really wanna know how many big books I end up reading in a year so that page is for that.
  8. Followed by that is the Mangas To read page, there are a lot of manga series I need to catch up on and/or start and I wanna list them all down here so I am accountable.
  9. The next is my anticipated releases of 2020 spread, both pages are divided into 6 quadrants which contains all the 12 months of the year
  10. The next is a reading stats page which will help me track all the stats I wanna track.
  11. My Netgalley ARCs tracker page is next, I have not read a lot of the ARCs I have requested and to make sure that doesn’t happen again I have made this spread/.
  12. My Review Copies tracker is next and it serves the same purpose.
  13. Next to that is the Coffee Drinkers Book Club Spread, here I will write all the book me and my friend choose for the book club we cohost on Instagram.
  14. Edelweiss Tracker serves the same purpose as the Netgalley tracker, I don’t have an Edelweiss account yet, I am hoping to get caught up with all my Netgalley arcs before I make an account on this platform
  15. Books to read for blog tours I take part is next
  16. It is followed by Books to movie adaptaions I am looking forward to this year.
  17. Books I read in 2020 is next and this spread is a 5 pages long spread.


  1. The first picture includes my January Cover page and a quite from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff wwhich says “A Girl With a Story to Tell”
  2. Next is my TBR and days read spread (inspired by journalwithchloe video) this one sucked so ignore it. I am hoping that the next one is better.
  3. My 2 page Wrap-Up spread is next and here I will write all the books I have read that month.
  4. Favorite book of the month and Favorite Quotes of the month is the next 2 page spread and here I will write all the quotes of I have loved this month and will mention my favorite book of the month.

Between my format the bullet journal post and the format of this post, which do you like better?

Do you keep a reading journal?

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