Racism exists and it is ugly, every year millions of people face discrimination based on the colour of their skin.

Today I am using my platform to help and amplify the message


Black lives matter every second of everyday, they have mattered in the past, they will matter in the future.

Black lives matter always.

We need to reach out and help them, uplift them,we need to do that always but most of all now.

Things are very bad in America and we need to help those people out in anyway we can by signing petitions and by donating, if you can.

I am leaving a few Links here, you guys can check them out and please help in any way you can

If you can’t donate them sign a petition, but do something, they need our help, now more then ever.

10 Steps to Non Optical Allyship –

Sustainable Ways to Support Black Communities –

Thread of resources including info cards, letter templates, donation links, petitions & more –…

Master thread of links –…

Donation thread for local black owned businesses in Minneapolis in need of help –…

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